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Vehicle locking mechanisms have certainly changed over the years. It used to be fairly easy–and common–for one to lock his or her keys inside a car. When that happened the person had two choices: Get a coat hanger or walk home for a spare set of keys.

Today’s keyless entry cars are pretty hard to get locked out of. About the only way to do it is to leave your key FOB someplace else, then let the car lock itself. Hurray! Your day is shot.

Unless you live in Sacramento County, whereupon all you need do is give Carmichael Towing Company a call. Whether your vehicle is old or new, we’ll get you back inside you so can be on your way.

Give us a call at 916-579-7549 to learn more about Carmichael lockout service.

Professional Lockout Solutions

We don’t drive around with coat hangers or paper-clips here. We use the latest in professional lockout technologies to get into your vehicle as quickly and easily as possible. We’ll also make sure that there’s no damage to your car.

Now, this goes for both the antiques and today’s modern, computerized wonders. Even if we have to drive you home to get a spare key FOB, then by golly that’s what we’ll do.

Dependable Lockout Service In Sacramento County

Whether you’re in Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, or any other community in Sacramento County, give us a call if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. We’re a small, family-oriented business and we’ll take good care of you.

We’re the best lockout company in Sacramento County because: 

  • We use the latest in professional lockout technologies
  • We’re a small, family-oriented business
  • We’ll go the extra mile to make certain our customers are happy

So if you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be there to help you out–no matter what.

What If My Car Won’t Actually Lock?

Is it a keyless entry? Then chances are you’ve got a spare FOB hidden somewhere in the car. That FOB will automatically unlock your doors once you touch the handle.

If the car is still using the classic door-lock systems of years passed, we recommend taking it to a good mechanic for a look. With the advent of keyless entry, many manufacturers have stopped making parts for these classic locking mechanisms.

How Can I Avoid Getting Locked Out in the First Place?

The best way is to not lose your keys or FOB in the first place. But we know that’s not always possible or realistic. That’s why we recommend getting a spare set of keys–and keeping them in a safe, accessible place (though not actually inside the car if you use keyless entry).

No matter where you find yourself locked out in Sacramento County, give us a call and we’ll be there before you can say Yale or Master. And for pity’s sake don’t get frustrated and break the window–those things are expensive to replace. Carmichael Towing Company can get you back in your car with safe, professional service.

If you need help with a lockout dilemma, or just have questions about what we do, call us today at 916-579-7549.

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